“Faith without works is dead”—what’s up with that?

by Michael Maciel
sorrowOne possible way to look at “Faith without works is dead”:
Believing a “truth” (or even knowing it) doesn’t do any good, unless we do something to move ourselves closer to realizing it.
For example, believing (or knowing) that “we are all one” doesn’t bring us the experience. The experience comes as a result of acting as if we are all one.
One way to do this is by exercising self-control in our private thoughts and feelings. Since we are all one, there is no such thing as “private”—what we speak in the closet will be shouted from the rooftops.
Another way is to examine our thoughts and feelings to determine whether they originated with us or came from someone else. If “we are all one” is true, then it would stand to reason that the line between our thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of others is, more often than not, blurred.
This is especially true (if the logic of this premise is correct) in our reactions to people and events. I would wager that most of our reactions come pre-packaged, that we step into them, and then experience the reaction as our own.
The pre-existence of these states of mind and feelings is both spiritual and physical—spiritual in that they are “in the air,” so to speak, and physical in that (through evolution) they are hardwired into our brain. The more people react in the same way to a given event, the more likely we are to have the same reaction. Mass-media is based on this principle. It teaches us by example how we should react to events, pubic figures, and commercial products.
Just something to think about.

About Michael Maciel

My name is Michael Maciel, and I have studied the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and symbolism for most of my adult life. In the early 1970’s, I was ordained a priest in the Holy Order of MANS, a service and teaching order of which I was a member for the better part of that decade. I now serve on its Board of Directors and teach regular classes on the Mystical Interpretation of the Bible and the Tree of Life Study Plan, which deals primarily with the practical application of the Laws of Creation. Check out my YouTube channel: The Mystical Christ with Michael Maciel
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2 Responses to “Faith without works is dead”—what’s up with that?

  1. mike says:

    I am reading often that we are all as one, but stepping into the real world I feel far from it or even want to believe it when experiencing the actions of some of my “fellow” human beings

  2. priscillaauchincloss says:

    I have appreciated the last several posts. Today I found myself asking, with all that I know to be true (in the spiritual zone), why am I unhappy? So this post gives me a path to an answer. Thank you.

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