The Union of Opposites

The union of opposites is a recurring theme in the symbols of most of the world’s major religions. Judaism’s Star of David, with its interlacing upward and downward triangles, symbolizes the oneness of earthly and heavenly law. Islam’s Star and Crescent symbolizes the union of solar and lunar forces. The cross of Christianity symbolizes the union of Spirit and Matter. Taoism’s intertwined masculine Yang and feminine Yin shows the dynamic union of all things with their opposites. And Hinduism’s Kundalini, symbolized by the caduceus (used by the medical profession) is comprised of the Ida and Pingala currents coiling around the fiery Sushumna or core energies of the spine.

Each of these sets of polar opposites are combined in one dynamic Whole – out of One, two, and out of two, One. It is the never-ending, always in-the-present or “eternal” dance of Creation that is reflected and reenacted in us all. This is religion’s core message, and we can read it in the symbols of its major expressions.

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