The Extended Mind – Mind Beyond the Brain


Notes from this video:

In the closed circuit TV industry, many operatives know that you can affect people’s behavior by looking at them. One FBI trainer tells his security trainees, “If you see someone doing something they shouldn’t be doing, just stare at them hard on the screen, and they’ll probably stop it.” He says that this happens everyday.

Various experiments show that people’s skin conductance changes when they are being watched on CCTV by someone on a monitor in another room.

(see Marilyn Schlitz

Martial artists are trained to increase their sensitivity so that they can sense when someone is coming up from behind.

In the British Special Services, the SAS, when they train people how to stab someone in the back, they say, “Don’t stare at their back before you stab them, because they’re likely to feel it and turn around and shoot you.”

Security professionals are amazed that this is a controversial subject in science academia, because they have been taking it for granted for years.

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