The Christ

by Michael Maciel

We live in a great being – a body, a mind, a soul – an infinite intelligence that is sentient and creative. The spectrum of its existence extends farther and deeper than we can imagine. The range of its experience exceeds our ability to fathom, going into places that are so remote that speculating about their nature would serve no practical purpose. In fact, such speculation can only be a distraction and lead us away from any meaningful understanding of God’s nature. So, it is most practical for us to start at the center of our experience and work outward from there, and the center of our experience is the Sun.

In our scientific age, we tend to reduce everything to its material substance. Even consciousness is regarded as the product of the brain, having no existence except within the cranium of the individual. When someone mystically inclined claims to experience consciousness in nature, science calls it “projection”—merely the imagination seeking evidence of a greater life, but in its zeal seeing only its own reflection. This is the conditioning of the scientific age in which we live. But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Sun is the center of our life. Within its gravity well exist all of the patterns we know, all of the intelligence, all of the motive force and animating energies of every living thing. The planetary bodies surrounding it in space are the organs of its body, a body that extends out to the farthest reaches of the heliosphere. The space within its skin is filled with complex dynamics, both visible and invisible, and every one of these is reflected within the boundaries of our body, each of our organs corresponding to the planets. Microcosm and Macrocosm.

Where the scientist sees only rocks, ice, and gasses, the mystic sees intelligence and life. It is one thing to admit that all matter vibrates; it is quite another to acknowledge that the vibrations are the effect of a higher energy, one that is polar to its manifested product. This higher energy is deep and unknowable, beyond words, beyond concepts, and yet more powerful than all the rest combined. It is a negative power, one that pulls everything into being out of its own potential by the sheer force of its knowing.

Science admits that there is “something else,” something it cannot see. But in its insistence in making all new data fit into its limited model of materialism, it is blind to this underlying substance. Mystics have known it since the beginning of human awareness. They could discern the movements of its power by the nature of the energies induced within their own psyche. Their minds and bodies were their “scientific instruments,” instruments far more sophisticated than the tools we use today, tools that only attempt to replicate the powers of detection we carry around with us right here inside our skin.

It is crucial that we understand the system within which we live. If we do, we will know everything else by extension. “Man, know thyself.” The physical body of the Sun is but the first manifestation of the Whole of creation, the organizing principle, the Seat of Power. All things proceed out from the Center, and to the Center return. This is the secret of alchemy, the heart of gnosis, the Philosopher’s Stone.

And God said, “Let there be Light!”

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  1. a learned medical doctor who has studied all his life recently said that there was much more that he didn’t know about medicine than everything he has accumulated in his life. With recent discoveries knocking the sox off what we think we know, I’m with the doctor, and often feel like a little kid seeing something for the first time.

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