Prayer 2 – The Mystical Approach

At the root of every desire is a holy purpose.

What is “mystical” prayer?  Whereas scientific prayer works through focusing the mind, mystical prayer works through focusing desire.

It is the path of the heart. The Middle Path lies  between these two. It partakes of both, each reinforcing the other, each fleshing out the other – heart and mind in an alliance of peace, a holy marriage.

While not every desire is holy, the underlying motive for the desire can be traced to the divine urge toward wholeness. All of nature reflects this divine urge in its never-ending pull toward balance. Nature abhors a vacuum. Destructive acts stemming from selfish desires are but the distorted out-picturing of a life out of balance.

Let us take the extreme example of murder. Through our studies and our own life experience, we know that we project outwardly onto others those aspects of ourselves we cannot bear to own. If something is too painful, some aspect of ourselves that we have kept buried deep below the threshold of conscious awareness, we see it in other people. We project it onto them. They become our scapegoat. What we do not see in ourselves, we begin to see in other people. And yet, we want to rid ourselves of it. So, in our insanity, we kill the other person. We hate him, because he “embodies” that which we hate in ourselves. This is insanity. But while it is insane, it springs from the holy desire for balance and healing.

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