The Amen Meditation

Use this exercise to cleanse your mind and focus your intention. Use it sparingly, because it has the power to ignite. Ignite what? You’ll see!

The Amen Meditation:

The basic exercise:

Breathe in Ah

Breathe out ‘men

Doing this and only this would make any further explanation unnecessary. But since doing only one thing is difficult, here are some things to consider:

Ah opens

‘men closes

Ah reaches up to receive

‘men draws in and consolidates

Ah is universal

‘men is specific

Look for the following:

As is shown in Tai Chi and other ancient arts, energy that expands also contracts, and energy that contracts also expands, and it does so simultaneously.

Try this out:

Stand as though you were straddling a horse – wide stance, pelvis tucked forward, back straight, shoulders square.

Stay relaxed, but poised for action.

Thrust your left palm outward straight in front of you while simultaneously retracting your right fist to your chest.

Then reverse – right palm out, left fist in.

Do this vigorously, like a martial arts exercise – movements are quick, confident, decisive, and fluid.


How do you feel after doing this exercise? If you do this, let’s say for a week, what happens in your life’s circumstances? Any doors opening up? What is your overall energy level?

Use the comments section, if you would like to share.

1 Response to The Amen Meditation

  1. patrick rainford says:

    This stance is called the Horse Stance. The feet are parallel, feet are shoulder width apart, knees bent, ‘ soft knee,’ folding the knees in slightly, with no stress on the knees, don’t over extend. Your toes should be visible, in this stance.
    After doing a set of 6 thrust, remain in the stance, placing your hands about 5 inches in front of our lower abdomen, the fingers of each hand about 3 inches from each other; with fingers evenly spread apart, with the attention on palms and fingers, with a soft meditative downward gaze over the root of nose, on the fingers and hands. Breathe naturally, with tongue placed behind the upper teeth, of the upper palate, mouth closed with a ‘Mona Lisa’ soft smile, breathing through the nose.
    for another six breathes. Relax into the pose on exhalation.

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