Getting Started

First, it’s a good idea to subscribe to The Mystical Christ. Just click the Subscribe button at the bottom of the page. Don’t worry, it’s free. By subscribing, you will be notified when something new appears on the site. It is also a good way to stay connected. In a busy world, it helps to be reminded to study and do the exercises.

Next, start a spiritual journal. This is very important. As you get closer to the God Being within you, insights will start to pour into your awareness. Write them down. Often, instructions will come a little at a time and won’t really make sense until all the pieces are in place. By keeping a record of what you receive in your meditation and reflections, you will begin to see the patterns, the whole picture of what the Teachers above are trying to give you.

Pick one of the Concentration Exercises and begin doing it as the instructions say. Concentration is the most important skill you must acquire to function well on the spiritual path. Without it, you are simply wasting your time. Many people begin with good intentions but lack the discipline to advance in their training. If you make a habit of doing the exercises as they are given, you will develop the strength you will need to endure the down-cycles, the discouragements that will inevitably come. Besides, if this is all you do in this course of study, you will have gained a skill that will change your life.

Begin reading any topic that you are drawn to. You will find them listed in the right-hand column of the page. It’s a good idea to read all the lessons of each topic together, but feel free to read any of the lessons you want. You might want to keep a journal of which lessons you have read so that you will make sure to read them all.

The Blog on the Main Page is a way to stay current with news and links that are relevant to what’s going on in the world from a spiritual perspective. You can also join the conversation by leaving your comments after the posts. This feature makes the website a viable online community, one that you control with your own privacy settings.


13 Responses to Getting Started

  1. Thomas Muth says:

    Once again, deep appreciation for the effort you expend on the behalf of us all.

  2. Thomas Muth says:

    I look forward to following this guidance.

  3. Margot Whitney says:

    This is wonderful. My students and I are thoroughly enjoying your lessons, exercises and observations. They are so well planned and thought out. What a blessing it is for each one who visits The Mystical Christ. Thank you for your gifts!

  4. I love the colorful pictures you add to your articles. It makes your words come alive.
    Thank you for sending us your insights.

  5. Lonae says:

    Excellent website. Thanks

  6. doug gemmell says:

    This is a beautiful, and much needed sight. It is deeply appreciated, and we thank you for your
    effort and time.
    Doug G in LV

  7. Odie says:

    I receive the emailed articles. So I assume that I am a member. I can’t tell if I am “logged” in when I come to your web-page? I guess I need validation. 🙂

    • No login is necessary. The email is just a heads-up that a new article has been posted. By clicking on the “subscribe” button, you activated that feature. Thanks for subscribing!

  8. Rena says:

    Looking forward to this journey

  9. Temife NWANI says:

    The information contained on your website is priceless.

  10. Stephan Reed says:

    Looking forward to the insight!

  11. Zaenia Shekinah says:

    I feel “home” in my heart ❤ thank you for letting me in

  12. Gregory Bloomfield says:

    I look forward to receiving new updates.

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