Recommended Reading

Esoteric Christianity by Annie Besant

The Golden Force a Science of Man publication

The Journey by Master Timothy

How To Know Higher Worlds by Rudolf Steiner

Esoteric Christianity by Annie Besant

How To Know Higher Worlds by Rudolf SteinerThe Golden Force

The Journey, by Master Timothy Harris

4 Responses to Recommended Reading

  1. john says:

    Pleased to see recommended “How to Know Higher Worlds” . Chapter 9 has a couple of sentences I find quite an inspiring challenge: …”Man must become a partaker of the spirit in order to carry its revelations into the physical world. He transforms the earth by implanting in it what he has ascertained in the spiritual world. That is his task.”…

  2. lan Brunet says:

    I read your article, then clicked more pages on your web. One question: So Christ is mystical to you?

    • For me, Christ is a living presence. If you want to know about the mystical aspect, there are plenty of articles here that explain it.

      • conrad Pittad says:

        Hi Micheal , just read your “world Priest ” book , confirmed my life awaking .
        My ” time stamp ” was going to see Jesus a few days before the first Easter , I was a Pharisee and we didn’t like this trouble maker ! 🙂
        I was imprinted with a portion of the I AM spirit into my heart from a distance .:-)
        I got the right parents this time for it to flower fully.

        Of interest perhaps to you , the only religious /spiritual I was drawn to was called the
        “The Church of the Mystic Christ” independent of mainstream churches in Melbourne .
        Sadly some of the Ordained ones found that hard to own , and it became ” the Independent Church of Australia ”
        When the founder went ,it suffered the usual decline , I have good support from my Brothers and Sisters of the Sun


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