Bible 09 – Blessed Are the Meek

film3_3“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” 
Jesus is saying, “At this point in your training, you must be a follower. Don’t try to do the leading here. You will become part of the school if you do what I say. You must give me your complete obedience. Follow me. “Inherit the earth” means “Do what I say and you will manifest the truth of the teachings.”

“If you openly oppose me, you will have to leave. It’s your responsibility to get along with me; it’s not my responsibility to get along with you.” When it comes to getting the ego to follow directions, spiritual training is no different from any other kind of training. Journeymen have been telling their apprentices for thousands of years, “First learn to do it my way, then you can make your own adaptations.”

In our Postmodern world, time-honored procedures have lost their shine, which in a way is good, because it clears the way for innovation. But basic training is necessarily rigid. Nothing is more dangerous, in terms of the integrity of a body of knowledge, than a beginner who thinks he knows more than everyone else. It is most dangerous to the student, because spiritual practice is powerful, and like electricity it can be deadly if wrongly used. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So, discipline at the outset is mandatory, or as the famous saxophonist Charlie “Bird” Parker said, “First you learn your instrument real well, then you forget all that [stuff] and wail.”

2 Responses to Bible 09 – Blessed Are the Meek

  1. iggygus says:

    To me, there are few things more despicable than those laying claim to being ‘teachers’, who don’t know what they’re teaching, but don’t have the humility to follow. This delusion of grandeur is unfortunately very present these days, especially in professional fields. Just because someone has a degree, it does not mean instant authority. Authority and mastery only come from perfected practice.

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