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Does Prayer Work?

by Michael Maciel Prayer relies on several things, but the two most important are knowing and acceptance. Knowing means knowing precisely what you want. An example would be “a car in excellent mechanical condition,” not “a car.” Acceptance means what … Continue reading

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What, exactly, is God’s Will?

by Michael Maciel I have a rather radical approach to theology. I like to say that God’s will for us is that we get our prayers answered. That and that only. There is no plan and no vision other than … Continue reading

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What Is Truth?

by Michael Maciel A scientist once said, “The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it’s stranger than we can imagine,” meaning that the human mind is not capable of a direct perception of reality. Even the most enlightened … Continue reading

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Prayer—How to Conquer the World

by Michael Maciel Alexander the Great once said that anyone who can concentrate on one thing for three minutes could conquer the world. He would know. Anyone who has ever attempted to see a vision to fruition knows that nothing … Continue reading

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