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Karma — where are we and how did we get here?

by Michael Maciel We can look upon the world as a great mind, a house, if you will, in which there are many rooms. Each room has been decorated by the current and former occupants in ways that reflect their … Continue reading

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How Do We Obey God?

by Michael Maciel Normally, we think of obedience as doing what we’re told. We obey the rules, we obey our bosses, we obey traffic lights. And in our spiritual life, we follow the instructions of our teachers, or we adopt … Continue reading

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Why Is the Resurrection So Damned Important? (an esoteric viewpoint)

by Michael Maciel In a practical, psychological sense, the doctrine that says “Jesus died for our sins” only makes sense if we take it in the context of the One Mind, the collective consciousness of humanity that spans the entire … Continue reading

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Love, God, and the Expanding Universe

by Michael Maciel What is love? Does it seem crass to try to explain it? Will we lose something by taking it apart, by examining it, how it works, and what its purpose is? Or, by not understanding it, have … Continue reading

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What Does It Mean to Rely on God?

by Michael Maciel Does it mean give up, surrender, do nothing? I suppose in certain circumstances it could, as in when you’re really suffering and you’ve run out of options. But what about when things are going well? What about … Continue reading

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Who’s In Control?

by Michael Maciel If “faith” is the confidence that God will take care of us, then faith itself is a way to control what happens, is it not?   Control is a part of living as an adult. When we … Continue reading

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Letting Go

by Michael Maciel When the God-Self shines outward from within us, as a result of our seeking God, it activates all the dross in us, the stuff we need to let go of. As it comes up, it can be tempting to say, “That’s me…those are my sins.” But letting go of these things is what […]

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How to deal with True Believers

by Michael Maciel In our Post-Truth world, we need to find a way to interact with those for whom belief is more important than facts. And nowhere is this more important than in the arena of religion and religious beliefs. … Continue reading

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What Is Faith?

by Michael Maciel The word “faith” describes the universal presupposition that there is a truth, overarching and eternal, a single principle that governs the universe with absolute inclusivity and at every level, even though we do not know what it … Continue reading

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What Is Spiritual Development?

by Michael Maciel Why should we concern ourselves with “spiritual development”? Isn’t it better to let our spirituality unfold naturally? I think the word “unfold” implies a natural process, whereas the word “develop” implies taking something natural and changing it … Continue reading

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