The Mystical Christ

Healing the Crisis in Christianity

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Beliefs Are Not Enough

It's time to put your mystical experiences into ACTION and bring heaven to earth

As with most religions, Christianity was born of a mystical event. Someone had the direct experience of becoming one with God.

Christian Mysticism IS union with God—

  • Oneness,
  • Living consciously from your Higher Self
  • Bringing Christ Consciousness into a troubled world, with compassion, wisdom, and right action

The truth of being can only be found in the Present Moment. It gives you unshakeable Inner Peace.


The Mystical Christ has tools to awaken your dormant spiritual gifts and to find God at the Core of your Being.

Here you can find lessons and exercises designed to give you everything you need to progress in your spiritual development. 

Remember, reading can never replace doing. This material is designed to help you organize and prioritize your spiritual practice and put what you learn to work in your everyday life.

BE a mystical Christian.

This is why you are here—to learn how to live as a spiritual being in an uncertain world.

Explore our free content and paid courses below.

Free videos on living as a Christian mystic

How to experience a mystical event

World Priest—Bringing Heaven to Earth

The Five Vows—Raising Your Spiritual Commitment to the Next Level

Deep, insightful articles for those who love to read

Radical Meditation

Using God’s Energy To  Transform Your Whole Being

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The Course

Radical Meditation

Meditating With A Purpose

Experience a mystical event


Break through the illusion of separateness


Feel the oneness that mystics feel


Awaken your dormant faculties of Body, Mind, and Spirit


Radical Meditation provides the ENERGY to experience Go


Find your sacred center


Get the energies in your body moving again

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I have been attending classes with Michael for a while now and feel he is a great teacher who allows everyone to be true to themselves while learning from one another. I get a real sense of connection and community with like-minded individuals here, and Michael always keeps subjects interesting and involving.
Theresa Summa
Michael Maciel takes the mystical and makes it understandable in everyday life. He has given me practical tools to develop my spiritual path and guidance to help me understand and use what I am learning. What I love most is that Michael does not just give me answers but helps me find them myself, which has the added benefit that what I learn stays with me and transforms me.
Rosemarie Walker
I was guided here today and how blessed am I to have been. After reading just one page of your content, I felt I was exactly where I was I meant to be. I’ve purchased your book, saved the YouTube channel link, and will be reading quite a bit it seems. Thank you, Michael.
Rene Caudillo

Hi, I’m Michael.

I’m a priest and teacher trained in the Holy Order of MANS. I believe that understanding comes from direct experience, not from reading a mountain of books. I help you take charge of your spiritual life by providing a systematic, self-guided program of spiritual and psycho-technologies designed to produce immediate experiences of the Light, Life, and Love of God in your mind and body.


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