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God is not far away.

God is right inside you.

You are looking out at the world with the eyes of God.

But if you’re looking through the lens of your mind, then it’s your eyes, not God’s.

That’s the Dilemma—to find the core of your being and then look out at the world—from there.

That’s what we do here.

We learn how to look with the eyes of God by going to that place within us that is deeper than the mind.

Want to come along?


Radical Meditation

Experience an immediate energy shift that will change the way you see the world.

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Radical Meditation

—What Is It?

Why do we meditate?

Isn’t it to experience a mystical event?

Wouldn’t you like to break through the illusion of separateness and feel the oneness that mystics feel?

The events that they experienced did not happen by accident. They happened as a result of their desire to know God and their steadfast dedication to their spiritual practice.

They prayed and MEDITATED. They looked within themselves and found God. And the result was that their senses, their mental faculties, and their capacity for ecstatic love grew in more ways than they could have imagined.

All the mystics I know (and I know quite a few) have one thing in common—they are AWAKE!

They SEE the world.

They FEEL the world.

They are BLOWN AWAY by the beauty of the world.

Everything around them is ALIVE. But the most alive thing goes with them wherever they go. The most alive thing is their BODY.

How else could they feel the world so intensely?

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says, “The kingdom of heaven is spread upon the earth, but men DO NOT SEE IT.”

It’s like he’s saying it’s not WHAT you see. It’s HOW MUCH you see.

Can you see the REALITY of God’s world that lies just behind the apparent?

Radical Meditation provides the ENERGY to do this—to pierce the veil of illusion that keeps you from seeing the radiance, the beauty, and the LIVINGNESS of all things.

Heaven is not “up there.” Heaven is behind and within EVERYTHING. It’s what brings life into matter.

And if YOU are alive, your aliveness will CALL FORTH the aliveness that’s behind and within the physical world.

You will call forth the REAL world—the world of God—the world of Life, Light, and Love.

It’s already always there—the aliveness. It WANTS to join you in HOLY UNION.


Imagine what it would be like to be in an intimate relationship with REALITY, with God.

Could there possibly be anything better?

Radical Meditation begins by acquainting you with the aliveness you already carry around with you. It provides ways to connect with the UNIVERSAL LIFEFORCE that enlivens everything in God’s Creation. The interface between you and THAT is your vehicle—your BODY.

And not just some parts of your body but ALL parts, including the ones that aren’t “spiritual.”

You know, the parts that seem to work against your spirit and not FOR it.

It’s those parts that we’re going to address as we cover the basics of Radical Meditation.

You will learn how to harness these energies and use them to increase your vitality, your creativity, and the power of your presence.

You will become a SOURCE of Life, Light, and Love and not merely a seeker.

It's time to stop seeking and FIND God.

My training began in a Christian Mystical order called the Holy Order of MANS. I was 20 years old. It was an urban monastic school of spiritual initiation. We prayed, meditated, studied, and served the communities we lived in by feeding the poor and housing the homeless. We were in every United States state and a few cities in Europe. At the height of the Order’s existence, we had about 3,000 life-vowed members.

In 1980, the Order was disbanded, and many of us went our way to start families and pursue careers. But the knowledge and experiences we had while in the Order never left us. How could they? The work we do is profoundly transformative. Once you experience a mystical event, it never leaves you. It changes you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So now, and for the past thirty years, I have been perfecting ways to bring people into the Light of Christ and the Realization of God, all of which is based on what I learned in the Holy Order of MANS. Of course, during that time, I also studied other methods and techniques, so what you get here is an unorganized program that draws from many of the world’s greatest mystery schools.

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I have been attending classes with Michael for a while now and feel he is a great teacher who allows everyone to be true to themselves while learning from one another. I get a real sense of connection and community with like-minded individuals here, and Michael always keeps subjects interesting and involving.
Theresa Summa
Michael Maciel takes the mystical and makes it understandable in everyday life. He has given me practical tools to develop my spiritual path and guidance to help me understand and use what I am learning. What I love most is that Michael does not just give me answers but helps me find them myself, which has the added benefit that what I learn stays with me and transforms me.
Rosemarie Walker
I was guided here today and how blessed am I to have been. After reading just one page of your content, I felt I was exactly where I was I meant to be. I’ve purchased your book, saved the YouTube channel link, and will be reading quite a bit it seems. Thank you, Michael.
Rene Caudillo

Hi, I’m Michael.

I’m a priest and teacher trained in the Holy Order of MANS. I believe that understanding comes from direct experience, not from reading a mountain of books. I help you take charge of your spiritual life by providing a systematic, self-guided program of spiritual and psycho-technologies designed to produce immediate experiences of God’s Light, Life, and Love in your mind and body.


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