How to Find and Keep Your Spiritual Balance

by Michael Maciel

In this post, we’re going to talk about how to find and keep our spiritual balance. Why is this important? Because the world is changing—fast. So fast that it can knock us off our feet. And that can disrupt and lower our vibration.

Remember, change isn’t the problem. We all want the world to change for the better. It’s the rate of change, however, that can make us unstable.

[Keep reading for an exercise that will help you build and maintain energy stability.]

As an example, one of the biggest changes that’s going to affect all of us is robotics. As this video shows, they just might charm us to death!

How can anything this charming be scary?

It’s the uncertainty factor that causes us anxiety. We know that technology is changing the world—our world—in profound ways. We just don’t know how, not exactly. Along with the economic, social, and climate changes we’re facing, all these changes can destabilize us in deeply significant ways.

Now more than ever, it’s important to find your spiritual center, so that no matter how much the world changes, you will be able to maintain inner stability.

Here’s the exercise. This is how to build and keep your spiritual balance. Start by turning your attention inward and finding the center of you—your center of gravity.

If you learn how to balance your body, your mind and emotions will follow.

You already know where your center of gravity is in your body. It’s in the area behind your belly button. Drop your attention out of your head and into this core part of you.

Breathe into it. Stop identifying with your thoughts and keep your attention on your center of gravity. Pretend that it’s you. I know, it feels like you’re in your head, somewhere behind your eyes. But just try it out.

Being in your center of gravity is a grounding exercise. In meditation, you want to focus on the area slightly below and between your heart and your spinal column. But for this exercise, drop down about six inches lower.

The “you” of your center of gravity doesn’t think—not the way you’re used to thinking. Its thoughts are way more primitive and direct. It processes information many times faster than your brain. Get familiar with it.

[Keep reading for the technical aspects of this.]

Move your torso around so that you get a feeling for this. Do a small hop and let yourself settle into the ready position of an athlete. Feel your connection with the center of the Earth.

The important thing is to get out of your head and into that connection. Make it so that if someone were to bump you from the side, you could easily shift without losing your balance.

Take your new awareness out for a test drive. Go for a walk. Get out of your head and drop down into your center of gravity. If it’s icy outside, all the better. Drop your shoulders, relax, and don’t think about it. Your body knows exactly how to keep you from falling. Trust it and let it do the work.

Once you get a feel for this, your mind will follow suit—your thoughts will stop jumping all over the place. First your body, then your mind. And once your mind is dialed in, your emotions will follow.

Here’s how it works (for spiritual techies):

This area that I’m calling your center of gravity is neither the solar plexus nor the generative plexus. It’s a blend of those two energies. The generative energies control the hips, which are powerful. I have taught people how to ski on dry land, before they ever put on a pair of skis, simply by showing them how to control their hips. It works the same in golf. Knowing what to do with your hips can add twenty yards to your drive.

The solar plexus energies move us forward. They, too, are powerful. They use the platform of the hips to initiate that forward movement. Together, they are the engine that allows us to extend ourselves into the world.

There are also energy centers in the crooks of our elbows. They are connected to the combined energies of our generative and solar plexus centers. As we extend into the world, these centers in our elbows expand and our arms straighten. You can see this not only in skiing but in every other sport that involves intentional forward movement. (I like to call sports “kinetic yoga.”) And just as the generative/solar plexus combo uses the hips as their operating platform, the energy centers in the palms of our hands use the elbows as their platform, from which they can then articulate more precise movements (picture using your index finger pointing the direction to go).

Fear, however, shuts these energies down. All of them. It contracts the energy centers in our elbows, causing us to retract our arms and lose the articulation of our hands and, therefore, our direction and our grip. The ground beneath our feet, both literally and figuratively, becomes unstable, and our forward movement energies either freeze up or reverse direction. Our extension into the world turns into aversion and retreat.

In skiing, this causes our hands to drop, which then causes us to lean back. Our skis shoot out from under us and we fall on our butts. Or, our arms reach out to the sides in an attempt to stabilize but instead cause us to forfeit control of our direction because our hands stop pointing the way. This is a great metaphor for all of life, but it’s also quite literally true.

If our aggressive instinct is strong, the energies of the solar plexus kick in and we fight. But they can only be as effective as they are rooted in discipline. Otherwise, we flail. They have to be painstakingly interwoven into the energies of all the other centers before they can respond effectively and appropriately to the danger—aggression formed by discipline and sheathed with voluntarily controlled restraint.

When we master the forces of these energy centers, we become unstoppable.


Let me know in the comments if the techniques in this article work for you, or if you would like to know more.

And be sure to check out my YouTube channel, The Mystical Christ.

See you next time!

Michael Maciel



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