Why Is the Resurrection So Damned Important? (an esoteric viewpoint)


by Michael Maciel

In a practical, psychological sense, the doctrine that says “Jesus died for our sins” only makes sense if we take it in the context of the One Mind, the collective consciousness of humanity that spans the entire evolutionary progress of the human race. Otherwise, we’re left with a horrific, dictatorial god that will only forgive us if his son is tortured and killed in our place. This might fit right in with ancient Greek mythology, but it’s hardly congruent with the Christian notion of a loving God.

First, we have to define our terms: What does it mean to “die” within the context of a spiritual teaching? Certainly, we’re not talking about a physical death, because there is nothing unique about that. Everyone dies. No, in terms of spiritual awakening, “dying” means much more. It represents the process of spiritual evolution, stepping off of one rung of Jacob’s Ladder onto the next. And what does “sin” mean in this context? It can’t simply mean that we have broken the rules of ethics and morals. It means that there is something wrong in our programming. We had a “virus,” and like a coding expert, someone had to go in and fix it.

Somehow, in ways that aren’t easy to understand, Jesus was able to transcend the limits of the One Mind and break through into Christ Consciousness — the one, overarching stream of conscious intelligence that informs the Life Principle on this planet. He opened the way for humanity to continue its upward evolutionary momentum, rather than succumb to the entropy brought on by the loss of a general understanding of the initiatory path. The Egyptian and Greek mystery schools had failed, and the Essenes were facing extinction at the hands of the Romans and their own policy of celibacy. Unless something was done, the lineage of wisdom teachings could come to an end.

In some way, perhaps by going through the higher initiations consciously and physically rather than in an out-of-body state, the way that the Egyptians and the initiates of other mystery schools had done for thousands of years, Jesus altered the fundamental architecture of the human spiritual body, making it possible for people to continue to evolve. If he hadn’t done this, then we would have eventually cut ourselves off from the Life Spirit, which ultimately would have led to our extinction.

Whether his death and resurrection are historical facts doesn’t really matter. What DOES matter is that he somehow changed the interface between heaven and Earth in a way that allows us to keep evolving. In order to do that, he had to make changes to the spiritual body, which at that level is a singular entity feeding all spiritual bodies with the intelligence of the One Life. This explains, from an esoteric standpoint, why Christian doctrine emphasizes the physical death and resurrection, why you can’t be a Christian if you don’t believe these things literally happened. They DID literally happen, only not in the way a literal-minded person thinks they did. Something happened, and Jesus was instrumental in it.

Mainstream Christianity’s insistence that these were literal events underscores the importance of how we live our lives, because our actions have a direct bearing on how our physical bodies evolve. And since we are God’s eyes and ears on the physical plane, according to Meister Eckhart anyway, then the health of our body/mind/spirit is of the utmost importance to God. Without us, he is blind on this plane of existence, a concept that is hard for a traditional Christian to grasp. It’s not that God loves us, it’s that he REALLY loves us, because he needs us and thus intensely cares about our long-term viability.

If we don’t look at it in this way, then God becomes a cruel dictator who demands the death of his son before he will forgive the sins of the world, making Jesus a kind of Noah’s Ark that will save the faithful from the flood of God’s wrath. This way of looking at the Redemption is the main reason why atheism is becoming so popular, and rightfully so. Atheists have to cling to their materialistic worldview, because if they admit that there’s something more, their entire argument falls apart.

But none of this makes any sense whatsoever without the acknowledgment of the One Mind. Unless there is a universal medium that transcends the apparent physical nature of the world, the only other explanation is a hopelessly superstitious, overly literalized rendition of Christian mythology, which is what makes Christianity so vulnerable to rational criticism.

But everywhere we look, there is an underlying intelligence in Nature, from the sub-atomic level to the grand sphere of the Cosmos. Every taxonomic group derives its operating system from a higher order of being, stemming all the way back (or in) to a Primary Source.

That source is the Word, the Logos, or what in Christianity is called “The Christ.” It’s more than any one person or even an entire species. It’s a universal impulse that is conscious and intelligent, with an unrelenting penchant for self-exploration and self-expression, one that will make use of any outlet, any platform, in any place within the vastness of the Cosmos.

And way down here, on this little planet in a faraway corner of it all, the Life Spirit is playing out the drama of finding a way to save us from ourselves. I, for one, certainly hope that it succeeds.

About Michael Maciel

Michael Maciel has studied the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and symbolism since the early 1970’s. He was ordained a priest in the Holy Order of MANS in 1972. Check out Michael’s YouTube channel The Mystical Christ with Michael Maciel, along with The Mystical Christ Academy on Patreon.
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14 Responses to Why Is the Resurrection So Damned Important? (an esoteric viewpoint)

  1. elderwoodxxx says:

    Your clarity and understanding is akin to my own.

    One recognises one. through an expression that is me. soon more will come to understand this.. as evolution takes hold..
    . 😍😍

  2. iggygus says:

    so much religion continues to be steeped in superstition. Until we are able to make a connection between spirituality and science, Resurrection and Christ will remain out of human reach.

  3. keyboardpoet says:

    Superb article on the matter. I admire your clarity and way of writing. It is a joy again and again to read your words.

    Thank you for sharing this with the world.

  4. Gerry Ryan says:

    I love your material. Brovo.

  5. Jeanne Ohm says:

    Enjoyed this…

  6. Thank you Michael. Your clarity of vision helps all of us to see new horizons within ourselves and to more clearly understand the Path we’re on.

  7. SimpleHuman says:

    Shukracharya raises the dead demons in Indian stories and he is the lord of Venus and the symbol of Venus is …

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