Christmas as Death

by Michael Maciel

sunsetIt’s not a difficult concept. The esoteric teachings say that the Christ Being, the Lord of the Sun, the Son/Sun of God, voluntarily shrunk Itself down into the body of a little child. It did this for the express purpose of bringing new life into the planet so that it could overcome the spiritual inertia in which humanity had become trapped. So the birth, in a sense, was actually a death—an entombment in the dense, confining consciousness of the physical plane. The very act of being born was, for the Christ Being, a crucifixion.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our souls are led deep inside the labyrinth of our physical body, the vehicle prepared for us so that we can experience Earth. And like Theseus, we are given a thread of truth that will lead us out of the maze and into the Sunlight of full spiritual awareness.

mazeAll of us—you, me, everyone— are the Christ Being refracted into billions of shards of light, seeking to “boldly go where no one has gone before.” Joseph Campbell, the famous mythologist, said that we are the eyes of the Earth, the ears of the Earth, the hands of the Earth, as though humanity were the Earth’s vehicle of self-expression, its most sentient organ of perception, its ultimate product of evolution—the entire ecosystem become self-aware.

But Campbell was only partly right. The Earth is only one component of this Solar System. To say that humanity is a product of the Earth is to say that life itself is a product of the Earth, when we know for a fact that it is not. All life comes from the Sun. The Earth is a response to life, not its author. So it’s far more accurate to say that we are the Sun, and even more than that, we are the entire Solar System, shrunk down into a particular expression within a particular domain. The “Self” is the Whole Thing. We are It, and It is us. Earth, as it happens, is merely one adventure in the soul-saga upon which together we have embarked.

Our bodies truly are a product of the Earth (fueled by the Sun). They are Life’s act of “reaching up” to the Sun, its desire to be inhabited by its Source. Evolution is a two-way street. Intelligence, encoded in the light, permeates the Solar System. Matter, simultaneously fueled and animated by that intelligence, continually seeks to attune itself with it. Our bodies are literally built by the Sun, informed by the intelligence within Its radiance.

theseusWhen the attunement of matter with Spirit is close enough, the Heavenly Marriage takes place. The vehicle is impregnated with the Word (the intelligence), and a “Son” is born. But the child is born in a cave—a labyrinth—from which it must find its way back to its father, the king. It’s path is fraught with danger. Many heroic feats must be accomplished before it can fully remember who and what it is.

This was the only way for the Christ Being to experience the Earth. From deep within the “cave” of the human body, It had to learn how to use the organs of perception the body provided, organs that were made by and for the Earth. And in using them, It would develop and strengthen them, so that they could withstand the intensity of pure awareness—the total spectrum of divine consciousness that would eventually shine through them. This is the Hero’s Journey described by Campbell, the descent into darkness—the death and burial in the tomb of matter—and the return to the world of light.


It is highly unlikely that Jesus of Nazareth was born on December 25th, or even in the year zero of the Common Era. His actual birthdate is irrelevant. What is likely is that he was an initiate of high degree, born and trained to be a suitable host for the Christ Being’s incarnation, which had been foreseen for thousands of years. This is the historical significance of the event we know as “Christmas.”

But as significant an event as this was, it means nothing if it is not recapitulated in each and every human being on the planet. Each one of us must stop identifying with our physical body and look within to the Christ Child at the center of our being. We must, like the Three Wise Men—the fully developed body, mind, and feeling nature—offer our gifts to it, and guide it away from the forces of the world that seek its destruction. We must lead it into the Land of Egypt, into the Ancient Mysteries, where it can grow and be strengthened by the truth before it embarks upon its Hero’s Journey.

So this, then, is the Mystery of Christmas. It is the most inward part of the spiritual year. It’s no coincidence that it is also the shortest day of the year, the day on which the Sun once again begins its own Hero’s Journey and ascends from its lowest point on the horizon back to its exalted position in the heavens. This is the season wherein all of the powers of Earth and Heaven collaborate with us in our endeavor to find the Christ within—our own divine nature. Let it be born. Let it shine forth through our eyes, and let it give its gifts to the world through our hands. Let it hear the sorrows as well as the joys of the Earth through our ears. BE the Christ. Be the All. It’s who you are anyway. It is what you were born to do.

christ light

About Michael Maciel

Michael Maciel has studied the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and symbolism since the early 1970’s. He was ordained a priest in the Holy Order of MANS in 1972. Check out Michael’s YouTube channel The Mystical Christ with Michael Maciel, along with The Mystical Christ Academy on Patreon.
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11 Responses to Christmas as Death

  1. donna nikzi says:

    THank you so much for this most powerful message of who we are in the majesty of it all and the mystery!!!

  2. iggygus says:

    concise explanation of a mystery cloaked in a whole age of misunderstanding. Perhaps we must use all of our Selves, not just the intellect, to access it. I wonder if we are just coming into a place within, as never before, to fully receive the revelation.

  3. doug Gemmell says:

    Amazingly simple and profound explanation
    —Beautiful images.

    Thanks for posting❗️

    Doug G in LV

  4. annafarrell says:

    Heartfelt gratitude this is most inspiring and clarifying …a beautiful ‘Synthesis’.

  5. Rosalilian says:

    What a beautiful imagination, it helps me as I live a spiritual year.

  6. “This is the season wherein all of the powers of Earth and Heaven collaborate with us in our endeavor to find the Christ within—our own divine nature. Let it be born. Let it shine forth through our eyes, and let it give its gifts to the world through our hands. Let it hear the sorrows as well as the joys of the Earth through our ears. BE the Christ. Be the All. It’s who you are anyway. It is what you were born to do.” YES!!!

  7. MaryAnn Fry says:

    Brilliant, as always. The images are powerful too. Thank you.

  8. First, I will thank you for such an insightful, and well written article.

    Next, I shared this article to a FB page I operate and one viewer submitted the following comment – David Lang Hogwash. “The Return of the Sun was celebrated thousands of years before Christ.”

    As always, I offer my viewers opportunity to rebut with alternative or additional evidence provided some sort of reference is provided, as yet there is none from the viewer who made comment.

    My page can be found at:

    Once again, I thank you and will continue to read (and share) articles that my viewers may find interesting as well.

    S & F,

    Raymond Sean Walters, Owner
    Scottish Rite Institute

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