Death and Rebirth…hooray!!!

Earth.sunriseI liked Geography 101 so much that I took it twice. One thing I learned was that soil—the basis of all life—is the product of the [mystical] life and death of the Sun, the alternating seasons brought on by the axial tilt of the Earth—summer solstice to winter solstice.

Notice how I bracketed the word “mystical”? That’s because they sure as hell didn’t teach it that way in Geography 101! (The eye [I] sees what it brings to the seeing.)

It turns out that soil depends on layering—weathered rock particles overlain with autumn leaves and churned by spring’s flurry of insect life. Cycles create layering. And layering is everywhere. You can find it in tree rings, in vegetables and fruit, and in the eyeballs you’re using to read this page. All forms of life, and the systems that support life, have this laminar quality. Life depends on layering.

Why is this [mystically] important? Because it’s the death and rebirth cycle that makes all life possible. It’s the build-up/tear-down process that lays the foundation and the circuitry for the energetic impulse we call Life.

Oh, did you think “life” is a set of circumstances? As in “life is complicated”? No, no, no. That’s not Life; that’s your story about Life; it’s what you do with Life. No, Life is a Force. Life is………….(wait for it)…………alive! 

ouroborosAnd, incidentally, this is why scientists have such a hard time figuring out what Life is. They don’t want to admit that it is alive, that it is intelligent, and (God forbid) that it is sentient. They would have us believe, rather superstitiously I might add, that life is a blind force, like the electricity coming out of a wall socket. They would have us believe that consciousness is a product of the brain, which is like saying that people are the product of houses. Someone saw a person come out of a house and deduced that the house created the person. Now, that’s superstition!

Back to layering. As I look out at the tall grasses growing in my backyard, which I’m doing right now, I can see that they are trying for something. They have a yearning that is undeniable, a will that will split rocks. They will not stop, even if I cut them down. And like the Terminator they say, “I’ll be back.”

Flowers straining to find the Sun is not just heliotropism. If you want to understand Nature, you only have to understand one thing: the relationship between the Sun and the flowers is symbiotic. Get this, and you get it all.

Scientists think that all you get from the Sun is heat and light. They are very mechanistic in their thinking on this subject. But when we look at Nature, we see that it is crammed full of intelligence. It is so intelligent that it cannot be reproduced artificially—more complex than a network of supercomputers.

Just what kind of eggs are we looking for, anyway?

Just what kind of eggs are we looking for, anyway?

So why is it that scientists think that life evolves from the simple to the complex, that life came from a chance encounter between a lightning strike and a mud puddle? Does it not make more sense that the intelligence we see here below is a reflection of that which is above? The Cosmos is not linear—what happens on one side of spectrums happens on both sides—simultaneously.

The Solar System is a cell, and the Sun is its nucleus. Everything in the body of the Solar System is an elaboration—an exploration—of the intelligence inherent in the spiritual body of the Sun. One scientist put it brilliantly: “The universe is made of information.”

Okay, now we’re really gonna get back to layering: it takes 100 years to create one inch of soil. Soil is created by the action of weather on rocks, combined with decaying plant life and millions of microorganisms. It’s the weathering part that’s important because it’s the freeze/thaw cycle that busts up the rocks. Meltwater seeps into the cracks and then freezes, forcing the rocks to break into smaller and smaller pieces. This is the basic stuff of soil.

It is also the basic stuff of human life. Civilizations have their own freeze/thaw cycles. Our personal lives are the same—circumstances change, and it is out of that change that new life is made possible. Death and Rebirth. Death and Resurrection. Change and Renewal.

Out of many mistakes, one breakthrough. Out of the detritus of our lives we find the material to build a new one. And in the Process, we grow. We Learn. We Evolve.

Welcome to Easter!


About Michael Maciel

Michael Maciel has studied the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and symbolism since the early 1970’s. He was ordained a priest in the Holy Order of MANS in 1972. Check out Michael’s YouTube channel The Mystical Christ with Michael Maciel, along with The Mystical Christ Academy on Patreon.
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4 Responses to Death and Rebirth…hooray!!!

  1. Richard Distasi says:

    “The Solar System is a cell, and the Sun is its nucleus.” . . . . Very Nice. Thanks.

  2. Lenore Flanders says:

    Brilliant, Michael! Grateful to you.

  3. Wonderful, joyful – thank you for your gift!

  4. would go so far as to say solar photosynthesis is the coming way for us, thanks for inspiring, MM!

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