Using Energy Part 3 – Spiritual Geometry – the circle with a dot

If you’ve ever used a magnifying glass to start a fire, you know the power of concentration. Our mind works the same way. When we focus our attention on an idea, the process of creation begins. You might think that the magnifying glass in this example is a metaphor, when it is actually a symbol. What’s the difference? Symbols have power.

The circle with a dot in the center is an ancient symbol for God. But since God is beyond human conception, how can anything symbolize God? This is the problem the Greeks and Romans encountered in their ancient mystery schools. Instead of talking about God, they talked about aspects of God. They took the different aspects and assigned names and personalities to them. Thus we have the “gods,” such as Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Hera, and so on. Similarly, the circle with a dot in the center is not a symbol for God as such, but it is a symbol for God in Its creative aspect. It is a symbol for God the Creator.

Since we are co-creators with God, the circle with a dot in the center is of particular importance to us, because it is the pattern that makes this possible. First, we must realize that geometry is not simply lines drawn on paper. Geometry is a description of the movement of power, force, and energy. Hidden within the diagrams is energy in motion. The diagrams are a snapshot in toto of the action that the diagram represents, just like the depictions of the gods of old and their adventures with each other described symbolically the relationships between different natural and metaphysical laws.

So, what can we learn by analyzing this symbol? One definition for God is “a field of undifferentiated creative power.” Pure potential. This is represented by a circle without a dot. Right away we can see that the dot is the instigator of creative activity, the thing that brings undifferentiated power into specific manifestation. The symbol of the circle with a dot is therefore a universal symbol that describes the pattern by which anything is brought into being – from pure undifferentiated potential into a clear idea, which will subsequently be brought into manifested form.

How do we use this? First, we conceive of a plan, a blueprint as it were, of the thing or the condition we want to experience in our life. This can be anything from a house to good health or whatever. Then, we become conscious of the undifferentiated field of creative power (God). Next, we ask that our idea be brought into manifestation. Once we have asked, we then let go of the whole thing, knowing that what we have asked for has already been given to us. We create the feeling within ourselves of what it would be like to already have it. In other words, we become it. We develop the ability to take on the condition we want, so that every fiber of our being says, “This is so.”

We become the dot, the living pattern of what we want to (co)create, and we do that in the field of infinite potential. In spiritual terms, we perform our actions while being conscious of the creative power of God. We are in It, and It is within us. “I and the Father are one.”

How do we know if we are asking for the right thing? We don’t. But create we must, for that is the way God created us. We were created as creators. It is our divine nature. I doubt that God cares what we create, as long as it does no harm in the long run. One of the things we are here to learn is initiative. We only grow spiritually when our choices spring forth from within ourselves, unprompted and without coercion. This is the meaning of Spiritual Freedom. It’s as though we have to create good in order to become good. But our creation must come from within us, not assigned to us by someone else, for it to count. “The whole of the Law is this: do what you will.” God, like Simon Cowell, says, “Show us what YOU have. Don’t mimic someone else!” God is in a cycle of Self-discovery. How can that happen if everyone is the same? Don’t be a copy of a copy. Without the possibility for something new, there is no possibility at all. And by definition, possibility is the field of creativity. God wants to know Itself. And God loves a surprise as much as anyone.

Note: When we consider that God created us, doesn’t it make sense that it was done in the way I’ve described above? God speaking us into being is a bit like throwing a pebble into the cosmic pond. The ripples keep expanding outward in never-ending concentric circles. After all, we are radiant beings. When we know this about ourselves, we realize that who we are is an expression of God. We did not create ourselves.

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About Michael Maciel

Michael Maciel has studied the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and symbolism since the early 1970’s. He was ordained a priest in the Holy Order of MANS in 1972. Check out Michael’s YouTube channel The Mystical Christ with Michael Maciel, along with The Mystical Christ Academy on Patreon.
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11 Responses to Using Energy Part 3 – Spiritual Geometry – the circle with a dot

  1. MaryAnn Fry says:

    Awesome. The whole series, but especially this one. Thank you Michael.

  2. Patrick rainford says:

    Hmmmm; Interesting! The Simple Point at the Center, symbolizes Kether, the God Head.
    The extension of the point, A to Point B, B or point 2, the radius is created, symbol of Chockmah. From points A to B or 1 & 2 (Kether 1, to Chokmah 2 and from point 2 , the Line (A&B) the Circle can be inscribe. The Circle a symbol of Binah, the Chief Feminine aspect of the GodHead, there Understanding is created. We start with the point, then the radius and finally the circle, the process and symbols of the Divine Triad, the Three in One.

  3. Nina Allchurch says:

    ” We were created as creators. It is our divine nature. I doubt that God cares what we create, as long as it does no harm in the long run. One of the things we are here to learn is initiative. We only grow spiritually when our choices spring forth from within ourselves, unprompted and without coercion. This is the meaning of Spiritual Freedom. It’s as though we have to create good in order to become good. But our creation must come from within us, not assigned to us by someone else, for it to count.” Love your contemporary mysticism, Michael. Blessings and Love.

  4. DianaP says:

    If you don’t mind I’d like to translate it and post it, at the end I’ll write the source. Thanks a lot, really nice info.

  5. Amaury says:

    Thanks so much for this is definitely one of the most liberating article I have ever lay my eyes on. God bless.

    • If you like this, you will really like my book, World Priest. It’s available on Amazon in both print and eBook form. In it, I go even deeper into using energy and symbols. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Merly well says:

    Thank you so much, be blessed, peace, love, wealth and health

  7. Dawn says:

    So strange..I came upon this because I was trying to find the meaning of a circle with a dot in it. It came to me one night years ago. I had translated it as “truth”….the dot in the middle being “truth” or god…and we were looking at the truth or God from the circumference of the circle…as our perspective of truth was from our angle…and depending on where you were on the circumference your truth would be different..but yet still the truth….It literally just popped into my sometimes spiritual things do….but now I’m thinking I misapplied it…so glad I found this…can you please tell me other resources of this symbol?

    • It’s such an ancient symbol that no one knows its origin. Much has been written about it. Your best resource, however, is your own contemplation. That’s the way symbols work. They represent higher truths that transcend the mind. But by taking them into meditation and then thinking about them in an interactive way (contemplation), their universal meanings start to be revealed to you. That’s their power. They activate the divine archetype within you. Reading what others have said can be helpful, but ultimately, it’s what it says to YOU that holds the most meaning.

      • Melissa Garza says:

        I had a very unique religious experience. Upon deciding on suicide and at the moment I was committing, my Guardian Angel, Micheal, finally revealed his identity, after a whole life knowing he was there, who I have had called and sent by God in a Prayer Circle around my crib, after fatal disease was found. Held up and Given to God, my Mother asked God to take me or heal me and the Angel was seen by all come down and merge with me. I was healed and is still listed in the hospital records as “Unexplained” of disease being totally removed from my spinal fluid.

        He told me of another option to ending my life by Giving it to God. he said, “Don’t throw it away, Give it away”. I lifted my face, spread out my arms and with tears and a broken heart, I yelled in anger and desperation, “You want it? Take it’!!!! At that moment He came. His energy engulfing me, the energy was Pure and Warm, Pulsating within me, leaving me in a state of pure euphoria. He flowed through me, inspecting me, as I had given myself totally and completely. My skin reacted with raised hairs and goosebumps as He moved through me. Anyone who was close enough experienced exact goosebumps and raised hairs where mine were.

        He took me fully. Everything I was. Mind, body and soul. As He was in my mind, body and soul, He Created from each. He changed me physically into something else and over much time and tests, the different abilities of what I am, were given, one by one, until just recently when I believe I may have received the final ability of Power. I was taken sexually and impregnated, resulting in a single birthing event of 4 separate Godly beings that were in spirit form, and unseen by eye, they each went to The Father.

        My mind became able to think, hear and talk to God and all Spiritual Beings. This is where the symbol of the circle with dot in the center came. I was told to get a paper and pen and prepare to receive. I put the pen to the paper and He was in my mind and moving through me, writing with the pen. He made the shape of a Butterfly and a dot within a circle symbol. I actually had to tattoo the symbols on the backs of my hands, each on the specific hand He instructed to stop the insistently writing of the symbols. I was recently instructed to tattoo my tracheotomy scar from a medical battle through actual death, 12 hours of being cut almost in half while I was awake and aware but paralyzed, forced to feel each slice and take it or let go. After 12 hours of suffering terrible pain, I almost let go, but I fought with everything I am and I took it. I have grown wise and learn through my suffering and suffering I know.

        I received different Powers and Super-human strengths as I have proven to Him that I am worthy and capable of keeping and wielding such Power. 10 years of trials and tribulations and I believe I have received my final Power and then received instruction to tattoo a purple cross on my forehead which I did without question as I AM His Servant and 100% obedient and with unwaivering Faith and Love in my heart.

        Almost every night in my dreams, I fly, sometimes with my wings, and I swoop down to save the Innocent. I’m also a destroyer of Evil and anything negative that is hurting anything Pure and Innocent. I have heard Him call me “The Guardian” Protector of Pure and Innocent. Sometimes you must destroy to protect, He says to me, so destroy them I do.

        Can you please help me to the identity and name of what I have become, based on His taking of my offering of my every fiber, where he named me with the symbol of a dot in a circle on the right and the image of a butterfly
        on the left? I feel so much Power inside me and the instinct to destroy anything that is hurting anything that is Pure and Innocent, the feeling of it being my duty and purpos to protect them and how my body reacts to negative and Evil energy and beings. Is there anything written of something like me coming into existence? Please, I could use some help. Especially after I obeyed His demand for the purple cross tattoo on my forehead, I have been treated badly and discriminated against. People act like it’s an upside down cross or something bad! It’s a symbol of God for goodness sake!

      • Hi, Melissa,
        It sounds like you had an influx of the Spirit. I especially like the message you got when you were about to take your life—”Don’t throw it away, Give it away.” Sounds like very good advice. I would caution you to not get too “high” on God because it can destabilize you mentally and emotionally. Higher is not always better. You might want to consider grounding yourself by getting out into nature, gardening, eating a protein-rich diet, etc. If God wants to get through to you, he will find a way. Just remember that what goes up must eventually come down. So if you find yourself crashing, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone for help. Like everything else, leave it in God’s hands and he will lead you to the right person.
        Yours in Christ,

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