It is important to remember that a blessing is a real action, not a symbolic act. By real action, I mean one where energy flows and produces an effect. Blessings behave according to certain laws, laws that are similar to the laws of electricity. There must be a source of power, a conduit through which the power moves, and something that will receive the power and use it in a manifest way.

Electricity comes from a generator and travels through a wire to a transformer, which converts it into a usable quantity. From there it travels to a motor or some other appliance, which converts it into some form of force, whether motive, heat, or light. In order for electricity to flow, all of these elements must be present. Likewise, in order for a blessing to be real, these same elements must be present, although in their equivalent spiritual form.

When we administer a blessing, we must be connected to a source of spiritual power, preferably God. I say “preferably” because even though there is only one power in the universe, it can take many forms and occur at different levels, and not all forms are appropriate. For instance, when electricity moves through a copper wire, it produces a magnetic field, but when it moves through the element of a light bulb, or through certain gasses, it produces light. Magnetism and light are two different forms of manifestation, and they produce different effects. Spiritually, when power moves through our body, it produces a type of magnetic field, which can affect the magnetic field around someone else’s body, or around those bodies within our body called “organs,” which have magnetic fields of their own. When Spirit moves through patterns of thought, it produces light of various wavelengths, each having their own unique characteristics.

Spirit is power, and like electricity, it does not exist unless it is in action, except as a potential. In religious terms, Spirit in its potential form is the “Father;” the pattern or “circuit” through which it moves is called the “Son;” the energy produced by connecting the source or potential to the “world” through the pattern or circuit is called the “Holy Spirit.” For instance, the form of energy we call “life force” is the result of the knowing of God moving through the perfect pattern of intelligence we call the “mind of God,” connected with the physical substance we call “organic matter.” In scientific terms, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are stated as “cause, medium, and effect.”

The reason why electricity and Spirit behave similarly is because both are manifestations of the One Power we call “God.” Electricity is a denser form of Spirit; it is Spirit as it manifests in matter. When considering electricity in this way, we have to be careful to avoid certain assumptions. Because electricity is so common in our lives, we think that we know what it is. The truth is that no one, not even the best theoretical physicists know what electricity is. They know what it does – they can detect it, measure it, and use it – but they do not know what it actually is. And because scientists do not like to use the word “mystery,” they avoid the question altogether, preferring instead to focus on the practical applications of electricity, not its inherent nature. This they send down the hall to the philosophy department, for which they have little concern.

Thought is the medium of Spirit. Patterns or “bodies” of thought seem to take on a life of their own, even those based upon false premises. As long as enough people think those thoughts, the pattern will exist, and it will exert some amount of “force” on the actions of those who engage with it. The so-called “mass-mind” is this kind of pattern. Therefore, it is possible for the energy within it to act as a “source” of power that when tapped into can produce tangible manifestations of energy. These are short-lived, however, because they require constant maintenance or “spin” in order to stay energized. But while they are energized, the power within them can be “bestowed” in a kind of blessing similar to those originating in Spirit. The mass-mind has its own priesthood to whom those who participate in that mass-mind look to for favors, and the blessings they bestow can feel real indeed. But the energy of those blessings are more akin to static electricity – a quick discharge producing a jolt but nothing that will live on its own.

There are many different kinds of mass-minds, each having their own built-up charge. Within each of these mass-minds are accepted patterns through which that charge can be dispensed to produce certain effects. And there are the participants who willingly provide their minds and bodies as “motors” to keep the whole thing animated. For instance, schools are mass-minds. They have a complex body of thought organized into logical patterns that are continually kept afloat through dialog and ritual. Similar to a living organism, they give birth to (matriculate) offspring in the form of graduates, who then act as missionaries, spreading the faith wherever they go. They do this with authority, because the aura or charisma of the energy of the mass-mind for which they are emissaries is tangible. When they endorse someone who is outside of their energy field, the differential creates quite a “pop,” a kind of blessing that lends reality to the body of thought they represent.

Some mass-minds are based on outright superstitions, depending on the vast unknowns of the subconscious mind for their aura of authority. They use patterns of thought more like suggestions, encouraging their participants to fill in the blanks with their own dark fears so as to lend to the illusion of a living organism. The motivation for keeping such a mass-mind alive can be not so much for power as for identity. In a universe that is perhaps more vast than comfort allows, a walled encampment can provide a kind of security otherwise not found. But, having its basis in fear, power then becomes the dominant theme, power to defend against the darkness of the unknown. The self-generated energy produced by spin (interpretation) can be inflicted upon others as a kind of curse, which the recipient drives home with his or her own power of belief. Thus we have “black magic” and its social equivalents, such as advertising and nationalistic fervor.

Until we experience blessing as a real action and not merely a symbolic act, we will be unaware of how the Spirit, and it counterfeits, move in our life. Part of being alive in God is knowing how God works – how power, force, and energy operate and how results are obtained. The effects we feel are quite real, but they have different points of origin that, when understood, give us a greater capacity for action and the power to discern those things that are truly alive.

About Michael Maciel

Michael Maciel has studied the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and symbolism since the early 1970’s. He was ordained a priest in the Holy Order of MANS in 1972. Check out Michael’s YouTube channel The Mystical Christ with Michael Maciel, along with The Mystical Christ Academy on Patreon.
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3 Responses to Blessing

  1. Joel Weber says:

    Thank you for the Blessing, a whole lot of information there, the form gifting its share offers a clear and hardy meal. Real nourishment…lovepeace

  2. Lenore Flanders says:

    Yet again, a highly resonant subject with me. Often wondering about the effect and workings of the many blessings I bestow, I have read all I could on the subject. Here you render the pure truth of blessing down in a most affable manner. Sail on, with many blessings!

  3. gatesoflight says:

    Your posts remind me of the great peace and blessings that are always available to each one of us wherever we may “be”. Thank you!

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