Building a House

When trying to manifest a thought or desire into the physical world, we sometimes overlook one important ingredient. We all know that visualization and feeling are necessary components, but there is something else. To understand how creation occurs, how idea becomes reality, it is easier to look to our immediate earthly experience for the pattern, rather than metaphysical philosophy. Here’s an example:

When an architect sets about designing a house, there are two things that must be present: a client and a site. The client supplies the need, and the site supplies the place. The absence of either of these elements will prevent the entire process. After all, what architect succeeds merely by making plans? The client’s need comes in the form of a vision, a spirit if you will. It constitutes the executive decision, the “this will be” that motivates the resources needed to bring the plans to fruition – the cash, the will, the consensus. The site provides the vision a place to happen, a contact point with the earth, without which the best dreams are but disembodied spirits, wandering desires, always reaching but never grasping.

All legitimate spiritual teachers give their students the same mandate: learn to concentrate. Focus. Successful people in the world don’t need to be reminded of this. It is only those of us with one foot in heaven that need help. And the physical equivalent of focus is site. Unless you bring the elements of earth together in your planning, there can be no manifestation. Pick a spot. Say to the universe, “This will happen HERE.” This is every bit as important as the now. In fact, you might say that the here is the physical iteration of the now – time and space being two sides of the same coin.

Unless “Divine Law” is detectable in the physical world, and provable, it is nothing more than a philosophy – great as entertainment but of no practical use. If you want to know how to get your prayers answered, look how you accomplish anything. See what energies you bring to the task, the resources, the will, the cash. But most important, where is your focus in the world – your site?

About Michael Maciel

Michael Maciel has studied the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and symbolism since the early 1970’s. He was ordained a priest in the Holy Order of MANS in 1972. Check out Michael’s YouTube channel The Mystical Christ with Michael Maciel, along with The Mystical Christ Academy on Patreon.
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5 Responses to Building a House

  1. MaryAnn Fry says:

    This must be “hitting home” because I’m not sure where my site really is. I’ll do some work with that one. Thank you.

    • Yes, I know! So many sites, so little time. This is sort of like writer’s block: if you don’t know what to do, do something/anything. Get the creative juices flowing. Life is nothing if not an adventure. It’s almost as though God is saying, “Make your move, and I’ll back your play. But YOU have to choose,” as if choosing were life’s number one lesson. Free will, it would seem, is not so much an option as it is a mandate. Kinda stands that old argument on its head, doesn’t it?

    • gary markley says:

      brings a fresh meaning to “knock and the door shall open, seek and you will find” timeless truth with fresh energy….THANk YOU!

  2. Tamzon Feeney says:

    Gee Michael, I thought the major ingredient was not giving any attention to a contradicting thought?

    • What We Must Do
      by Bertrand Russell

      We want to stand upon our own feet and look fair and square at the world — its good facts, its bad facts, its beauties, and its ugliness; see the world as it is and be not afraid of it. Conquer the world by intelligence and not merely by being slavishly subdued by the terror that comes from it. The whole conception of God is a conception derived from the ancient Oriental despotisms. It is a conception quite unworthy of free men. When you hear people in church debasing themselves and saying that they are miserable sinners, and all the rest of it, it seems contemptible and not worthy of self-respecting human beings. We ought to stand up and look the world frankly in the face. We ought to make the best we can of the world, and if it is not so good as we wish, after all it will still be better than what these others have made of it in all these ages. A good world needs knowledge, kindliness, and courage; it does not need a regretful hankering after the past or a fettering of the free intelligence by the words uttered long ago by ignorant men. It needs a fearless outlook and a free intelligence. It needs hope for the future, not looking back all the time toward a past that is dead, which we trust will be far surpassed by the future that our intelligence can create.

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