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News of late has been electrifying. From Wisconsin to Japan, it has been one shock after another. Stunning political events, horrific natural disasters, nuclear meltdowns – the circuits of the mind are straining with the overload. And though this seems like an extended metaphor, it is more real than you might think. Thoughts and emotions are energy, and this energy is racing through the collective consciousness like an electrical tidal wave.

Psychic energy surges cannot be ignored – they must be dealt with. We can either react to them or we can redirect their current and use their momentum constructively. How do we redirect the energy? If it were electricity, we would send the surge to ground, where it would be spent harmlessly. But a psychic surge is a spiritual event and must be dealt with by spiritual means. And as usual, spiritual events are the mirror-image of their physical counterparts – where electricity must go to ground, spiritual or psychic energy must go up.

Before you poo-poo the idea of “up,” consider this: we live in a coagulative universe. Matter and energy tend to compact themselves into dense spheres; the more it packs together, the stronger the gravitational force becomes. The more you move toward the center, the denser it gets, and not just in terms of material but energetically as well. Redirecting psychic energy, therefore, is plugging into an area of mind that is less dense, more rarefied, more peaceful, away from the area of higher density and toward an area of lower density – away from the center. Instead of spiraling inward, we release outward. This action is called “letting go.”

Some people sense this area of lower density as an opening in the ceiling, through which congested energy can pass harmlessly, just as an electrical buildup can discharge to ground. It can also be sensed as the sky, as in Mediaeval concepts of heaven. Whichever way you perceive it, its main characteristic is light. Yes, all those pictures of saints gazing up into shafts of light really do have their basis in reality. Lifting your eyes toward “heaven” not only means raising your vibration, it also means looking up, albeit spiritually. As above, so below.

Some prefer to redirect negative energy to nature, to “ground” themselves by touching the earth, a tree, or a body of water. And while this works, it misses the opportunity to connect with higher consciousness, the consciousness of heaven. If we form an energetic loop with the earth, we will derive our spiritual nourishment from the earth only, and we will miss the opportunity to partake of the “manna” from above, which is the transformative element. Earth energies consolidate, which is useful at the right time and place (what you bind on earth…); heavenly energies transform (what you loose on earth…). Because they transform, heavenly energies appear destructive, as in fire, but only because they bring about change. As the saying goes, “Tell the truth – it changes everything.”

As you experience reactions to events in the world, recognize them for what they really are – energy buildups  in your mind and body. You can either release those in reactive ways, such as anger or addictions, or you can “offer them up.” As a mystical Christian, your function is to do just that. You are one of God’s safety valves. Instead of reacting, you take action. By doing this, you help to bring equilibrium into the world. Negative energies tend to compound themselves in vortices of trouble. Releasing them calms the waters and brings peace, not just in you but in others as well.

Be an enlightened Christian. Take action. Spiritual action is far more effective than physical reaction. Releasing negative energy in the way described here sets the stage for calm, focused awareness, which is the true basis for effecting positive change in the world.

About Michael Maciel

Michael Maciel has studied the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and symbolism since the early 1970’s. He was ordained a priest in the Holy Order of MANS in 1972. Check out Michael’s YouTube channel The Mystical Christ with Michael Maciel, along with The Mystical Christ Academy on Patreon.
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