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What Is Holiness and How Do We Get It?

by Michael Maciel Much of what we call “holy” is based on a belief that the world is not. This is a great tragedy. It’s not that we should behave as though everything is good and therefore we should get … Continue reading

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Prayer—How to Conquer the World

by Michael Maciel Alexander the Great once said that anyone who can concentrate on one thing for three minutes could conquer the world. He would know. Anyone who has ever attempted to see a vision to fruition knows that nothing … Continue reading

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Science is inching towards a theory of universal consciousness:

by Michael Maciel Scientists have come up with a new theory of consciousness, the CEMI field theory. (See the link below.) Publishing his theory in the journal Neuroscience of Consciousness, Professor Johnjoe McFadden posits that consciousness is in fact the brain’s … Continue reading

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Find Victory in Failure

by Michael Maciel Most of us are trying to make something of our lives. We have values, and we want to realize those values in our living—to make them real, to manifest them in the world. Having values is the … Continue reading

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The Problem with Really Smart People

by Michael Maciel I once knew a man, brilliant and highly educated, who was also a spiritual teacher, and a good one, but he tried to tell me that God created Adam out of the dust of the earth – … Continue reading

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Whose Truth Is True?

by Michael Maciel We live in an age of relativism. Once it was discovered that any experience can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways, all beliefs in “universal truths” were dismissed as irrelevant. Context became the sole determinator … Continue reading

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Right Action in the Time of Coronavirus

— by Michael Maciel The problem with being a future-oriented society is that when the future disappears, everything falls apart. Our horizons have been too broad and too far-flung. It’s time to bring them closer to home. Because when we … Continue reading

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What Is Truth?

by Michael Maciel If we blanketly assume that our favorite beliefs are true, then we’re no better than the average fundamentalist. And being convinced that we have the corner on the market in the reality department renders us completely incapable … Continue reading

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Gift of Light to the Planet Earth

  As a gift to our planet, do the following visualization: 1. Close your eyes. Sit quietly in a chair with your hands in your lap. Take three deep breaths through your nose and relax. Quiet your mind. Allow your … Continue reading

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by Michael Maciel Our bodies are hundreds of millions of years old. We’re like walking repositories of the history of the evolution of life on this planet. Wouldn’t it make sense that many, if not all, of our deepest most … Continue reading

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