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Zombies—what’s up with that?

Why the infatuation with zombies? When the first Terminator movie came out, I was struck by the phrase, “It will not stop!” It made me think that the machine inside the flesh, the unstoppable forces of nature, scare us as … Continue reading

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Death (and resurrection) By Meditation

The principle of meditation is really quite  simple—quiet you mind. So, let’s take this principle to its extreme limits, as if these three words—quiet your mind—were the only available instructions on how to meditate. We are going to assume that … Continue reading

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Blessing—The Breath of Life

The question “who am I” is, in a spiritual sense, meaningless. It is far better to ask “what” am I. For until we know our place in creation, how can we know anything about ourselves? The “what” of who we … Continue reading

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