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Bible Interpretation

by Michael Maciel Visit my new YouTube channel, The Mystical Christ with Michael Maciel The mythologist, Joseph Campbell, after studying the religions of the world and their folklore, discovered that only one story was being told—The Hero’s Journey. Basically it … Continue reading

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The Wild and Wonderful World of Spiritual Exercises

If you are new to the idea, concentration exercises are the necessary prerequisites to a successful meditation practice. In fact, if you are having difficulty meditating, it could be that you are missing some of this foundational work. While you … Continue reading

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Spiritual Independence

by Michael Maciel None of us can legitimately claim to be spiritually independent if we are consciously or unconsciously living in an illusion. It does no good to pursue enlightenment if it does not bring about real improvement in our … Continue reading

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Horse Latitudes

Rudolf Steiner said that during the Winter months spiritual energy flows into the earth, and in the Summer the direction reverses itself, much like breathing in and breathing out. In fact, everything in nature exhibits this kind of ebb and … Continue reading

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