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How to Interpret the Bible Like A Mystic

The Bible was written by people who were in an elevated state of consciousness. Doesn’t it stand to reason that in order to understand what it says that you, too, must be in an elevated state of consciousness? Trying to figure it out with your mind is not the right approach because the mind is attuned to this world, not the kingdom of heaven. All of its words and concepts are for here, not there. When Jesus described John the Baptist as the greatest born of men but the least in the kingdom of heaven, he was using John as a symbol for the intellectual mind. John was an expert in the Law. He knew all of the ins and outs of Mosaic Law. But in order to grasp the higher mysteries, he had to lose his head. In the 80s, there was a popular pop-psy saying: “Lose your mind, come to your senses.” Have you tried that? Here’s a way to do it. And just as a head’s up (no pun intended) this is going to sound a little weird. So, here it is. Pretend that you don’t have a head. You know, it’s just missing. It doesn’t mean that you’re dead, it just means that your body is functioning fine without it. It has its own brain, after all. Notice how it doesn’t care about what you normally care about. It kind of has its own agenda. In fact, it’s rather fine without you. It knows just what to do moment by moment. It doesn’t get scared, it’s not anxious, it has no sense of time. Only now, only the present moment. Without the head telling it what to feel, how to act, and what to do, the body just hums along, breathing easily, taking care of itself, and responding to stimuli instantly and effortlessly. Now, I’m not saying that body-consciousness is elevated consciousness. It’s just different. Its awareness is not predicated on concepts. Rather, it functions exclusively on images and feelings. 


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I was reading about the many influences of your spiritual journey. I Googled Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami of the Himalayan Academy on the island of Kauai.

I opened up his lecture about meditation, about why we meditate daily. He spoke of how to use the subconscious mind in a way that is so reminiscent of the teachings of the Tarot keys and the teachings that we received in the HOOM.

Mystics are just great! The way he spoke also reminded me of Father Paul! Thank you Michael so much for being such a beacon for us all!
Margot Whitney
Michael, thank you for your time and energy you have shared. Your work is inspiring.
Thank you for your messages. I studied at a New Thought Seminary in Tahlequah, Oklahoma – the Sancta Sophia Seminary – from 2000 to 2010. Unfortunately, it no longer exists; however, Rev. Carol E. Parrish still teaches private students. I am interested in the esoteric meaning of music and have composed some small pieces which seem to have been brought through as a result of meditation. Your messages help me to stay inspired.
Roberta Wilkes

I’m a priest and teacher trained in the Holy Order of MANS. I believe that understanding comes from direct experience, not from reading a mountain of books. I help people take charge of their spiritual life by providing them with a systematic, self-guided program designed to get the most out of their spiritual practice and to create a deep and fulfilling relationship with God. 

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