by Michael Maciel Prayer relies on several things, but the two most important are knowing and acceptance. Knowing means knowing precisely what you want. An example would be “a car in excellent mechanical condition,” not “a car.” Acceptance means what

Quieting the monkey mind is key to achieving inner stability. Imagine the most peaceful state you have ever been in. Perhaps it was sitting on a beach while on vacation, far away from pressing concerns of work and daily routines.

by Michael Maciel In the earliest stages of the human embryo, one of the first things to form is the spinal cord. When you look at it under a microscope, it’s like a lightning bolt—a squiggly little burst of energy

by Michael Maciel There are lots of computer analogies for the way we experience reality—hardware, software, RAM, ROM, WiFi. They’re all descriptive of how we function both physically and spiritually. The one I like is “cloud computing.” When I write,

by Michael Maciel Logic is a tool, a very, very powerful tool. But if you make it your only tool, then it limits the scope of your understanding. It would be like a carpenter whose only tool is a hammer.

by Michael Maciel The evil of the world doesn’t fall out of the sky. It falls out of our back pockets. Lent is the time for everyone to take responsibility for their own sins, not strap them on a scapegoat.


by Michael Maciel The word “aggression” has earned a bad reputation. It has been equated with “the intention to do harm.” But it also has a positive aspect. It is rooted in our will to survive, to achieve, to excel.


I’m a priest and teacher trained in the Holy Order of MANS. I believe that understanding comes from direct experience, not from reading a mountain of books. I help people take charge of their spiritual life by providing them with a systematic, self-guided program designed to get the most out of their spiritual practice and to create a deep and fulfilling relationship with God. 

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