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Faith vs. Certainty

by Michael Maciel Faith is not necessarily the same as certainty. It is, rather, more like the expectation that there is more to reality than we can perceive and that that reality is somehow supportive of the one we can … Continue reading

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Honor Thy Father and Mother(?)

by Michael Maciel Honoring our parents means recognizing them as a factor to be understood, not a model we have to replicate. In its simplest sense, the Fourth Commandment means taking care of your elderly parents. But in a deeper … Continue reading

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What Is Being Born?

by Michael Maciel What’s being born in us at this Holy time of year isn’t like a parasite that destroys its host, like the creature in “Alien,” but like a baby that comes into our life and overturns it completely. … Continue reading

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What Is Holiness and How Do We Get It?

by Michael Maciel Much of what we call “holy” is based on a belief that the world is not. This is a great tragedy. It’s not that we should behave as though everything is good and therefore we should get … Continue reading

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