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The New Teacher/Student Relationship

by Michael Maciel It stands to reason that the Age of Aquarius would bring changes in all areas of life, including the time-honored traditions of the teacher/student relationship. Perhaps especially in this area, since Aquarius represents a major course-correction in … Continue reading

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Who’s In Control?

by Michael Maciel If “faith” is the confidence that God will take care of us, then faith itself is a way to control what happens, is it not?   Control is a part of living as an adult. When we … Continue reading

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Letting Go

by Michael Maciel When the God-Self shines outward from within us, as a result of our seeking God, it activates all the dross in us, the stuff we need to let go of. As it comes up, it can be tempting to say, “That’s me…those are my sins.” But letting go of these things is what […]

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