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“Faith without works is dead”—what’s up with that?

by Michael Maciel One possible way to look at “Faith without works is dead”: Believing a “truth” (or even knowing it) doesn’t do any good, unless we do something to move ourselves closer to realizing it. For example, believing (or knowing) that … Continue reading

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The “I am God” Trap: Part 3

  by Michael Maciel Those who have never fallen are not afraid of heights. They have a kind of reckless courage when it comes to failure, not because they are brave, but because they have never failed. This is especially … Continue reading

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Further notes on “The Razor’s Edge”

by Michael Maciel The principle of the Razor’s Edge is a simple one: breakthroughs require focused energy, which makes them inherently dangerous. The first person to break the sound barrier, Chuck Yeager, feared for his life when his plane, the … Continue reading

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Beware the “I am God” Trap

by Michael Maciel This warning is for all of us. It is a general principle that governs everyone who sets foot on the spiritual path. In fact, the farther along on the Path one travels, the more important the warning … Continue reading

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Notes on 666

by Michael Maciel Notes on 666: 6 is half of 12, which is the number for wholeness or the state of being complete. When a number is tripled, as in 666, it indicates a kind of exponential power. In this … Continue reading

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