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Meditation, Willpower, and Driving

by Michael Maciel As a young man growing up in Reno, I was into sports driving. The Mount Rose Highway, leading up to Lake Tahoe, and the Virginia City Highway, leading (as you might guess) up to Virginia City, were … Continue reading

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Does God Know Everything?

Let’s examine the statement “God knows everything.” This idea is meaningless and misleading. The rules for creativity are the same for God as they are for us—we have to know nothing before we can know anything. Divine, undifferentiated potential is … Continue reading

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The Redemption Project

Premise 1: There is only one Person, and we are that Person. Premise 2: Everything that people are capable of doing, we are capable of doing, from the worst atrocity to the most profound act of compassion. Premise 3: Each … Continue reading

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Entering the Spiritual Path

There’s a difference between the spiritual presence that arises from within a student, as a result of his or her training, and mere mimicry. Emulating the teacher seems to be part of the spiritual path itself, at least in the … Continue reading

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