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Buddhism and Christianity—why one is good for the other

by Michael Maciel Buddhism and Christianity mirror each other in many ways. And why not? Hinduism was around for 2,500 years before Christianity, and Buddhism sprang from Hinduism just as Christianity sprang from Judaism. It doesn’t take a lot of … Continue reading

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The Divine Feminine – Woman Clothed with the Sun

by Michael Maciel The tendency on the spiritual path is to personify divine principles, and to a certain extent that’s okay. But the discipline is to never forget who the person is and which principle is being represented. In the … Continue reading

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Baptism and Belly Dancing—what’s the difference?

by Michael Maciel What is the purpose of baptism? Is it merely a ceremony, a dedication of one’s soul to a particular religion or body of believers? Or does something actually happen? Are people somehow different after they’ve been baptized, … Continue reading

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