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Using Energy part 5 – the Triangle and the Holy Trinity

What’s up with the number 3? Why does it capture our imaginations? And why does it play such a dominant role in mystical literature? Religious articles of faith are usually watered-down explanations of esoteric teachings—the Mysteries. The reason they are … Continue reading

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What Is Your Duty to God?

Doesn’t this question just fill you with dread? It does me. I can feel the weight of the heavens pressing down on my shoulders when I ask it. If you are a religious person, this question is particularly onerous. There’s … Continue reading

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Using Energy – more on the circle

For some reason, whenever anything moves in this universe, it starts to spin. Every galaxy, every solar system, every atom—they all have a vertical axis that runs perpendicular to their rotational disk. It’s as though the energy that generated their … Continue reading

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Using Energy Part 4 – Using the Will

Spiritual geometry begins with a dot—the center. It actually begins with the circle, but the dot is the first thing that manifests, so that’s where we begin. After the dot comes the straight line. It is the radius of the … Continue reading

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Using Energy Part 3 – Spiritual Geometry – the circle with a dot

If you’ve ever used a magnifying glass to start a fire, you know the power of concentration. Our mind works the same way. When we focus our attention on an idea, the process of creation begins. You might think that … Continue reading

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Using Energy – Part 2 – the Son/Sun of God

We are literally on fire with electrical nerve energy. A full-body Kirlian photograph would be truly amazing. The problem is that most of the time we are unaware of the energy vessel that we are. Those who are aware are … Continue reading

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Using Energy

A woman once told me that she had trouble meditating because every time she closed her eyes and went within, her body would start to sway back and forth in circular kind of way. It would get so bad that … Continue reading

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