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Faith Is a Dirty Word

You can’t even bring up the word Faith without appearing to oppose logic. And the society we live in worships logic. Being a person of faith means that you believe in the illogical, the irrational, the mysterious, the flighty – … Continue reading

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The Mystery of 3

3, a powerful number, right? The Holy Trinity of numbers. The triumvirate – the word “triumph” begins with 3. I’m writing it as a noun instead of as a modifier (as in three somethings), but as a word, you can … Continue reading

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What You Should Know About Advertising

Can marketers really get inside a consumer’s head to influence the choice they will make? For market researcher, Clotaire Rapaille, the answer is yes. He believes all purchasing decisions really lie beyond conscious thinking and emotion and reside at a … Continue reading

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Lose Your Head

The figure of John the Baptist symbolizes the fully developed intellect, the rational mind. And that mind, as John said, must decrease in order for the intelligence of the Most High, which surpasses our highest conception of mind, to find … Continue reading

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