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Joplin, Oh Joplin

Some lessons are harder to learn than others. I lived in the Midwest for thirty years, and I know how nature’s lottery works. The year before we moved to Omaha, Nebraska, a tornado similar to the one that struck Joplin, … Continue reading

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Becoming Spiritually Conscious

It is important that we develop our consciousness to include more than our physical body. There are other parts of us that are just as real. For instance, there is a difference between the way we experience other people when … Continue reading

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What Is Spiritual Training?

Every athlete, musician, artist, performer, writer, and speaker knows what it is to train. The word is slightly different from the word “practice,” which is how we usually describe our meditation and devotional routines. It is different in that it … Continue reading

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Building a House

When trying to manifest a thought or desire into the physical world, we sometimes overlook one important ingredient. We all know that visualization and feeling are necessary components, but there is something else. To understand how creation occurs, how idea … Continue reading

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155 words – Be Yourself?

Instead of striving to live an “authentic” life, try getting in touch with that which is bigger than you are and let it live through you. Being authentic, or being yourself, can sometimes be an excuse to let it all … Continue reading

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Becoming a Mother

It is remarkable that some Christian Mystic men in the course of their training feel as though they are pregnant. They look normal to themselves in the mirror, but their proprioception, the sense one has of one’s body in space, … Continue reading

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A Royal Wedding

The highest form of love in Western Christian Mysticism is romantic love. Its correlate in yoga is “illicit love.” What? Yes, that’s right. Bhakti yoga, according to mythologist Joseph Campbell, has five levels of spiritual devotion, each level bringing one … Continue reading

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