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Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

We have to talk about Easter. It is the high holy day of Christian Mysticism. It is, you might say, what Christianity, true Christianity is all about. And while the purpose of the spiritual path is to bring one into … Continue reading

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Quick Read – God Is Not a Puppetmaster

When asked how he could play the saxophone like that, Charlie “Bird” Parker said, “First you learn your instrument really well, then you forget all that [stuff] and wail!” You have to be able to do something before you can … Continue reading

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A Quick Read – Handling Stress

If you find yourself in that “perfect storm” of demands coming at you from all sides, when it feels like you are in a sink-or-swim situation and that one misstep can lead to disaster, remember that there is only one … Continue reading

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Extreme Meditation

  Extreme meditation. Sounds catchy, right? Something new, something next, something…extreme. Well, there is nothing extreme except perhaps the level of intention one brings to the task. Because there comes a time in your practice when it seems that your … Continue reading

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Current Events

News of late has been electrifying. From Wisconsin to Japan, it has been one shock after another. Stunning political events, horrific natural disasters, nuclear meltdowns – the circuits of the mind are straining with the overload. And though this seems … Continue reading

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Pretend You’re a Lightbulb

Meditation is a mental activity. What is not generally understood, however, is that the mind connects with the body in many different places and is not confined to the brain. Scientists who say that the mind is a product of … Continue reading

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