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Consciousness Studies

A new page has been added to The Mystical Christ: Consciousness Studies. You can find it in the sidebar on the right-hand side of the page and on the Menu Bar at the top of the Home Page. Your participation … Continue reading

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Divine Guidance – Knowledge vs. Knowing

You have probably been told not to be attached to the outcome when making choices in your life. Easier said than done. But decision making, as in boxing, requires balance – we should neither balk and stumble backward nor lunge … Continue reading

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Entering the Fascinating World of Self-observation

There is a Buddhist saying that the way you do anything is the way you do everything, as though the weave of a cloth tells more than its print. It is the way our soul is threaded together that concerns … Continue reading

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New Spiritual Exercises

New spiritual exercises have been added to the Exercises page: Exalted Imagery Meditations and Climbing the Wall. Give them a try and, if you like, add comments and share them on Facebook.

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Enlightened Christians and Their Mission, Part 2 – What Is Enlightenment?

The word enlightenment has a different meaning for Westerners than it does for those who are familiar with Eastern Philosophy. In the West, enlightenment means the ascendancy of reason; in the East it means piercing the veil of illusion. The … Continue reading

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